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 DanceSport Classes and Private Lessons for Kids
 11:00-11:45am     11:00-11:45am  4:30-5:15pm       45 min class 
             9:00-10:00am   60 min class 
 BEGINNER SPORT, ages 7-10
4:30-5:30pm       5:30-6:30pm       60 min class 
 BEGINNER SPORT, ages 10-17 
    4:30-5:30pm       2:30-3:30pm   60 min class 
6:00-7:00pm             60 min class 
     5:45-6:45pm          60 min class 
  5:00-6:00pm           60 min class 
       6:30-7:30pm      60 min class 
Schedule November 2017 - June 2018
Classes Description
Groups "KIDIES BEGINNER 3-7" are sports ballroom dance groups for the youngest dancers, designed for kids from 3 to 7 years.
The sessions are 45 min long.
The group is designed to enhance children's development through music and movement. Kids get sense of rhythm, develop coordination of movements and musical ear, and improve flexibility and posture.
In each lesson children play in developing fun dance games. Children get used to discipline, gain self-confidence and ease of communication with their peers.
At first, kids will learn the ballroom dance moves in Waltz, Cha Cha Cha, Polka, adding more complex dances Swing, Samba, Quickstep later, on the second half of the session. They develop and dance both in pairs and solo.
Our trainers, who are a long year’s world class professional competitors, are very fond of children and know how to work with them. Our goal is to provide a great working environment where students are given opportunities for growth and development of artistic and athletic abilities.
May begin attend contests after a few months after the start of classes. Tournaments are very interesting and colorful; each child receives a memorable prize, most importantly, great sense of achievement. Prepare for transition to advanced and sports groups.
These groups are designed for school age children. At this age, the speed of perception of information by a young dancer reaches a maximum, so progress is already visible after the first month of classes! Dancing is a great sport for children, physical and social activity that requires a certain degree of memorization and concentration. They learn to focus their mind, body and spirit. A long stressful and tense day at school can be balanced with just an hour of dance.
Competitive dance workouts increase stamina, and both Ballroom and Latin dancing improve children’s flexibility and posture. They appear among their peers in a friendly team united by common goals and interests.
Young dancers gain great self-confidence and a strong sense of team work. They get also a strong sense of music, rhythm, develop coordination of movements and musical ear, and get used to discipline.
This class is for children and teenagers ages 7-13 who wish to experience the excitement, glamour, and challenge of competitive ballroom dancing, or dancesport. It is a specially designed unique competitive dance program, focused on developing dancing technique, performance and competition skills, body strength and flexibility. They will be a part of exciting group of dancers, directed and taught by some of the best coaches in the country.
Children learn the Ballroom (Waltz, Viennese Waltz and Quickstep) and Latin American (Samba, Cha Cha Cha and Swing/Jive) programs for sports ballroom dances.
All group members are trained more intensively, and required to take a certain number of specific classes per week. They need to demonstrate responsibility and commitment. All group classes are 60 minutes long. Members attend “Beginner Sport” or “DanceSport” group classes once or twice a week, choreography classes "Body CLASSIC", and supervised practice sessions. All dancers must arrive on time and ready to go when class starts.
A friendly team goes to the competition with their classmates, coaches and parents. Tournaments for beginners are built in such a way that each participant will be awarded with diplomas and gifts. Prize winners and winners receive medals and cups.
They can develop and dance both in pairs and solo.
These groups are for Children and Teens who finished their basic preparation course and would like to improve their dance technique and skills and participate in the various dancesport competitions to compete against children from different studios.
They will be a part of exciting group of dancers, directed and taught by some of the best coaches in the country.
Formation is the direction of sports ballroom dancing, in which children train and perform in a team. Here all at the same time, the dancers are united by the common goal to achieve the result and win all together! Dance Formation - the most amicable direction, united by the spirit of the team!
They learn more interesting and challenging elements and links, using more complex dance patterns and schemes. In addition, they perform in beautiful costumes and accessories. Besides Ballroom and Latin American, the group studies diverse dance styles: pop dance, jazz-modern, R'N'B, classical dance and gymnastics elements.
Children train in a variety of composition: couples, solo girls, combined solos (boys and girls in unequal proportions). Perform their colorful numbers twice a year at the holiday and end of year showcases.
During the dance season, the coach puts the group from 2 to 5 unforgettable numbers (depending on the level of the group). The numbers which last several minutes are selected and finalized by the coach, taking into account the individual characteristics of the performers.
To each number new bright costumes are selected in accordance with the theme and direction of the dance.
An addition or on its own stretching, power class to help to master dance moves and increase your endurance and body stretch.
Guided run-through sessions for kids to practice their routines to music in competition like atmosphere.
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